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Buyer beware !

PostPosted: 2014 Aug 08, 09:18
by spectreman
Hi everyone.
My phone collecting is going very well, but I just recently had a bad experience buying a phone.
I bought a Telecom Walkabout mark II phone, 1988 vintage, from a guy recently for a not very cheap price. It looked ok on the outside, had a battery, but no charger. Quite a rare phone to find. Is a Mitsubishi model.

The phone arrived today. It did not look quite right, some screws missing, bottom connector missing, the front buttons felt wrong.
It did not power up at all on an external supply.
Opened it up, and was very surprised to find all the internal circuit boards are missing !! Even the LCD display and keypad board are not there. Just a bunch of cardboard, tape, and a metal dead weight to make it feel heavy. Bizarre !!!
Why would this have been done in the first place ? The phone has been well used, not new looking like a dummy display only phone would be like.

So not happy, very ripped off. Hoping to get a refund on it soon.
Anyone else had an experience like this ?

Cheers, Chris.