Motorola brochure - 1973

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Motorola brochure - 1973

Postby spectreman » 2015 Mar 17, 06:19

In 1973, Motorola published a brochure called "New dimensions in communications".
There is a copy of it available here : ... atac-1973/

It is very cool because it features the original Dynatac handheld phone prototype in it.
Some nice promo photos are featured in it, & a description of the new proposed Dynatac mobile phone system.
I actually do have an original copy of this very brochure.

On another point, do any other members also collect historic mobile phone documentation ?
I do have some old documents myself, newspaper articles, early handbooks, sales brochures.
I find the sales brochures for any analog mobiles are extremely hard to find.

I will upload a copy of the Motorola brochure in the library.

Cheers, Chris.
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