Ericsson "Hotline" GH172

Re: Ericsson "Hotline" GH172

Postby Dutchsiberia » 2015 Mar 19, 22:33

Thank you for you kind words :) I was disappointed at that time my super cool Ericsson wouldn't work and to make matters worse my girlfriend made the "loser" sign to me after I discovered her card works fine...
I'm still very happy with the phones, but I'll try to collect more phones I actually can use, makes it more fun :) Ah well, my motorola brick works perfecly, with a micro sim in an adapter 8-)
Motorola 3200 (works)
Motorola 7500 (works)
Motorola 5200 (dead?)
Bosch Cartel (kinda works)
Ericsson GH172 (works?)
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Re: Ericsson "Hotline" GH172

Postby deswal » 2018 Jul 24, 16:27

Hello Mobile Collectors,

I purchased my HotLine GH172 from a local flea market in Hamburg (Germany) last week. The charger is not functional. I got the batteries charged with a make-shift arrangement to test functioning of the phone. It works perfectly well. I really glad to have spent 20 Euros!

I like the set, but I am curious to know how much I can expect if I decide to sell it.

Shall try to post some pictures, if these forums permit.

Ram Deswal
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