1984 OKI American Company ~Briefcase Phone ~The Phone of t

1984 OKI American Company ~Briefcase Phone ~The Phone of t

Postby Lindalea » 2016 Jan 17, 03:51

Hey guys, I just want you all to know that I’m auctioning my Old OKI g
The case is in good shape. Considering it is my 1st cell phone, around 1984 I suppose.
It's gently used, 34 years old and it's been in my garage for 30+ years.
Please feel free to request more information, It comes with the Original Guide, so I can answer most questions.
It's unbelievably heavy I must have been incredibly strong when I was Younger ;)
Has to be 20 lbs. and now my phone fimagine that.ts into a pocket, iet more info at Ebay ... 2253976993?

If someone can explain how to put the photos up I'd love to share them.. Thanks
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