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Postby Baltais Tehvs » 2013 Nov 19, 02:08

Main reason WHY some phones doesnt work in some networks is - frequency assigned to network .

For example :
Nokia 5110 (uplink 890-915Mhz , downlink 935-960Mhz ) doesnt work with "new network" because this "New" network uses
expanded "e-gsm" frequencies ( uplink 876-914Mhz , downlink 921-959Mhz ) so phone just doesnt have a channel to "speak" to own network ( sim card tells to communicate to network/network sends ansver via channel that doesnt exist on that phone )..

same goes for Benefon Twin : this phone supports the same "p-gsm"(Primary gsm) as 5110 ( twin`s service manual chapter 1.1 )
Why doesnt it works on 1800 , ihave just a theory ( facts is kinda tricky to find :D ) :
phone is programmed to register via 900 band primary , but when fails to do ( network doesn have a old "p-gsm" ) ....

other reasons can be configuration of basestations( network ) , sim configs ,etc .
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Re: Benefon Twin

Postby pena » 2013 Nov 19, 19:15

Registering only via GSM900 wouldn't make sense, because the phone was designed to work on "City" networks (=DCS1800) which back in the 90's often meaned different operator, like in Finland: Tele/Sonera or Radiolinja for GSM900, but Telia for DCS1800... there was a time when nobody really had dualband network. :D Also the SIM slots define which band is used... if I understood right, phone can't use both bands with one card at the same time. :|
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