Motorola 8900X-2

Motorola 8900X-2

Postby wibs » 2013 Nov 07, 18:22

I have a Motorola 8900X-2 (ETACS). I cannot find details about this model it on the internet. The unit has had it's phone lock activated and I have the code number. I can load the code into the display but which of the 20 keys available do I press to enter the code into the phone? Does anybdy know the CORRECT answer? I would prefer the correct answer rather than a guess, as presumably the phone will allow so many tries before it hard locks. Thanks
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Re: Motorola 8900X-2

Postby TheMaritimeMan » 2013 Dec 10, 05:32

On every older Motorola phone I've seen, when you turn the phone on and it displays Locked (or "Loc'd"), all you need to do is key in the 3-digit number, and it unlocks. If it doesn't, then the code is wrong.

Likewise, I've never seen one which hard locks after so many tries, so you shouldn't need to worry about that, either.
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