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I have 2 Nortel mobiles a m800 and a Nevada. These were only sold in the UK by one -2-one now t-mobile. They are relabled AEG phones being the HT1811 and the HT1820. As the AEG pages on these models only contain the basic information and to keep the data base as simple as possible. When I upload data on them should I start a new section on Nortel phones with a cross reference to the AEG phones or should I upload the data onto the AEG pages with a note as to why the pictures show a Nortel phone?
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Postby oldmobil » 2014 Jan 12, 20:22

If them marketed under Notrel brand not AEG I think You should uplpad with Nortel name into a new Nortel section!
Creating cross reference link to original phone is very useful!
And You can link images to more then one phone, so if You upload Nortel images You may link these to original AEG phones too. (Log in, Click "Edit" under thumbnail on the phone page, and find "Link this file to a phone:" an enter phne id what You want to link to this image.)
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