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ericsson pf768

PostPosted: 2014 May 27, 18:37
by wibs
Please could one of the administrators correct the Pdf file I uploaded 27/5 as I missed a bit out and I cannot find a place to edit it
The first few words should be

Photos 3 to 7 are of a rare variation of the PF768.

thanks and sorry about the error Wibs

Re: ericsson pf768

PostPosted: 2014 Oct 08, 00:56
by Baltais Tehvs
Hi Wibs!
i`m sorry to dissapoint , but i`m more than 100% sure that these covers are "aftermarket ones" .
Seen a lot variations ( in various colors or forms eg nokia 3210/3310 like with sliding covers etc ) .

Re: ericsson pf768

PostPosted: 2014 Oct 09, 21:57
by oldmobil
Hello Wibs!
Sorry I missed your post... I cant edit this PDF but I made a little develpoment so If you are logged in, You can delete Your files now and re upload it.