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Motorola CDMA MicroTAC and StarTAC prototypes on eBay

PostPosted: 2017 Mar 28, 09:06
by loblolly986
Several lots of cool prototype Motorola phones that the seller found in a storage unit were just auctioned off on eBay. Did anyone here get any of these? Most of the listings went well above what I could afford, or I would have bid on one or two of these myself... ... 2595863505 - 23 StarTACs, mostly prototype units (of 1997 or later models I suspect) but also including an early VIP series 8500, plus a few Timeports. ... 2595957958 - a CDMA MicroTAC prototype (apparently a design they were considering before arriving at the design used below) plus prototypes of a few later flip phones. The label on the back suggests the MicroTAC wasn't a fully functional phone and was for testing the design/user interface only. ... 2595939850 - MicroTAC SC-720 prototypes (Motorola's first commercially-available CDMA phone, announced September 19, 1996). Note that some of these have displays with menu icons, some have the icons missing from the display module, and others have the space for the icons masked off on the screen. ... 2595927584 - 12 MicroTAC SC-725 prototypes, plus a VIP series MicroTAC Elite. ... 2595943381 - these appear to be SC-725 prototypes also, though black in color instead of grey. ... 2595948183 - MicroTAC SC-725CV prototypes. These look similar to the SC-925. ... 2595920195 - assorted later flip and pocket phone models, including some prototypes.