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Repacking DynaTAC battery (SNN4211A)

PostPosted: 2018 Nov 20, 12:55
by NokiaTAC
I’m really wanting to repack this battery, and am looking for a way to open it without destroying it. This battery actually worked great as of last year, but now it only lasts for about a minute or so (One of the cell must have failed). I want to repack it with
Ni-Mh cells, which should be much better that Ni-Cd. I just need to find a way to open the case without ruining it.

As stated in the title, the pack I want to rebuild is an SNN4211A.


Re: Repacking DynaTAC battery (SNN4211A)

PostPosted: 2018 Nov 21, 11:56
by spectreman
Hi. I want to do this too.
The later model battery packs, such as SNN4040A, can be opened without too much difficulty, I have re-packed one of these.
But the earlier model batteries are almost impossible to open I find, without wrecking the casing.
For sure, most of the Dynatac batteries I have had are pretty much stuffed & need repacking.

Re: Repacking DynaTAC battery (SNN4211A)

PostPosted: 2018 Nov 21, 12:33
by NokiaTAC
Is the SNN4211A a later one? Mine came off of a 1993/94 (forget which year) Ultra Classic.

Re: Repacking DynaTAC battery (SNN4211A)

PostPosted: 2019 Nov 02, 03:54
by NokiaTAC
Well, I finally ordered the cells to repack a couple of my DynaTAC batteries. I think I’ll be able to do it. These don’t looks nearly as hard to open as a MicroTAC battery to me, but we’ll see.

I’m going to repack one of my dark-gray ones, and one of my beige ones, since most of my phones are those colors. Doing them in NiMh for more capacity, and also so I don’t have to worry about memory-effect.

Re: Repacking DynaTAC battery (SNN4211A)

PostPosted: 2019 Nov 12, 02:22
by NokiaTAC
Well, I tried to open one of my beige ones with disastrous results. The case got damaged and the battery never would come apart. I believe it was an older one.

However, the dark-gray SNN4211A came right apart with no issue. I’ve also got another beige one with round contacts like the SNN4211A, so I think that one will be easier to open as well. I think the ones that have square contacts are the hard ones to open, as they seem to be sealed together much tighter than the ones with round contacts.

Next step is to put some new cells in.

Also, these newer ones use a flex-cable to connect the cells to the contacts, which gets ruined if the cells have been leaking, so I’ll have to rip that out and just use some wires in place of it.

Re: Repacking DynaTAC battery (SNN4211A)

PostPosted: 2019 Nov 13, 13:59
by NokiaTAC
The battery has been successfully repacked! It’s now been glued and clamped, so it should be ready to rock tomorrow.