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New Member Greetings

PostPosted: 2019 Mar 14, 21:33
I am a new member, just joined.

I run the Bell System Car Telephone History web page at

My collection focuses on car telephones prior to 1993 and before the AMPS cellular equipment began to be offered to the public.

This older equipment was always hard to find, because at first it was owned by the telephone companies and leased to the end user. When upgraded or turned in, the older equipment was destroyed in large scrap metal yards in several locations in the United States which contracted with Western Electric. By the 1980's, after divestiture, privately owned phones were common and eventually were all you could get. These days one only seems to find anything either on eBay or at a flea market.

I was surprised to find so many other people interested in vintage mobile phones - - I thought I was almost alone in this interest! There are so many cellular type phones it could take a lifetime to try to collect them all!

Monterey California USA

Re: New Member Greetings

PostPosted: 2019 Mar 15, 10:28
by UAEvintageMOBILE
Hellow geof

Am sure your presence with the group will diffently add value as you always done through all these years .
Now we have one of the most important i can say expert in IMTS and MTS.


Your friend

Re: New Member Greetings

PostPosted: 2019 Mar 16, 13:35
by Thomas
Hello Geoff,

Great that you have signed up here! I've used your wonderful website several times to research the IMTS devices and quoted from it.

It's absolutely great to have such an expert with us as a member!

Kind regards