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Re: A little introduction

Postby torshammer » 2014 Aug 28, 16:18

Yes, thats exactly the test units I was talking about.
There is two card there called TAK and TKO. Thats the speech coding cards that I worked on.
I have the test unit soon in the collection.
I have identified one that I can get the hands on.
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Re: A little introduction

Postby spectreman » 2014 Aug 29, 06:10

Hi Torshammer.
Wow, that is excellent to know you worked on the first prototype Ericsson GSM test setup !
That would be fantastic to have in your collection. Perhaps it will still work !
I really like the early Ericsson mobiles. I have a AMPS AH-220, very well made, and a A1018s GSM.
Would love to get more AMPS Ericsson phones, but they are a bit hard to find the older models now.
I love playing with my AMPS phones with the test set I have.
Look forward to seeing more early Ericsson mobiles info from you.
Cheers, Chris.
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