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Re: Sell, buy, exchange

Postby fashion_m » 2018 Jun 13, 17:24

Hi, I want to buy a battery for Samsung SGH-2100 that holds charge. The battery part number is BTS210G. I think it's the same battery found in SAMSUNG SGH-2200 and SCH-6500.
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Re: Sell, buy, exchange

Postby EBT » 2018 Jul 24, 13:33

Possibly a silly do you guys go about establishing the Value of phones? I've got a selection of slightly off the wall phones (including dual mode TH337 / TH688 and a full TEMS set) and am kinda interested to know if they're worth me selling.

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Re: Sell, buy, exchange

Postby RicardoSGZ » 2018 Jul 26, 17:58

Well, the price is the amount a buyer is willing to spend. There are buyers with different budgets
and with more or less interest in a product. I look for ended offers (offers that ended with a deal)
in Ebay and similar websites for the same product or similar. I estimate an average of those prices. Also,
I try to sell the phones in a platform I've seen there are more interest in that kind of things.

In my country, for instance, doing deals inside my country or region (with a second hand sale platform from here)
is usually better than using Ebay (unless I look for bag phones, or dynatac-style phones from America).

Sorry for my bad English level.
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Re: Sell, buy, exchange

Postby BullJ07 » 2018 Oct 10, 18:19

Hi guys and gals,

I'm looking for a old cell from the 90's it a at&t 3850 phone, if anyone has one or knows anyone selling one. Thanks a bunch.

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Re: Sell, buy, exchange

Postby helel » 2018 Oct 21, 09:36

Hello guys,

I'm looking for a genuine, not refurbished, not china involved Nokia 8250 in good condition even if faulty or dead for my own collection.
Please message me of you have something.
Thanks, Norbert
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Re: Sell, buy, exchange

Postby Esperanzo » 2018 Nov 11, 11:17

Hello, everyone!
For sale concept collection of flip-phones (not a clamshells).
There are 504 phones in collections.
Photos here (this is Russian social community)
Collection is in Moscow. Shipping cost pays buyer.
Price 20 000 USD
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