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Ericsson GH198

PostPosted: 2014 Jun 22, 17:06
by pena
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Re: Ericsson GH198

PostPosted: 2014 Jun 22, 17:11
by pena
I got this phone few days ago with a charger dock. First I thought there was no battery for the phone, but then another look at the dock revealed that there it was... :lol: However, I'm not sure if the dock works properly: plugging it in causes two yellow lights to flash once, but that's it: no voltage (zero, nothing) on dock contacts -- should they have some voltage?

Re: Ericsson GH198

PostPosted: 2014 Jun 23, 21:38
by oldmobil
I think your battery is dead, so the charger don't start to charge it. You have to replace cells, fortunately the GH198 family battery contains 5 pcs AA size cells so You may replace old ones to standard AA Hi-MH cells. I converted an old GH198 battery to
AA holder, this is the best way to use old GH198 falmily (GH/GF 172/174/197/198) phones.

Re: Ericsson GH198

PostPosted: 2014 Jun 24, 06:35
by pena
Hello oldmobil,

battery was nearly dead, at least now it is... It accepted some charge when I wired it to a bench power supply (NiCd cells likes overvoltage), but charge was under 0,5 volts and dropping fast so I took out the cells. I saw your AA battery conversion earlier and I will try it too, thanks for that. :) But I think the dock might be broken because I opened it, plugged it in, and multimeter saw ~12 volts coming to the dock but nothing on the contacts. Unless it senses batteries by impedance or something, it's broken. :cry:

Re: Ericsson GH198

PostPosted: 2016 Aug 20, 09:21
by Rane
Hi all, new here ...

To Pena, I also got a used GH198 recently and was wondering the same on my charger. It blinks led yellow when I connect supply to it. Made same conclusion first, but after measuring/checking I concluded that charger should be ok.
Thing is that charger will detect battery voltage when it is connected. If voltage is high enough charging begins. BTW, the charger operates on 100Hz frequency at least those NPN-transistors switching charging on/off do have that frequency on base pin.

So, you can try the same as I did. Put a battery on charger at vertical position without phone and connect other power source (dummy battery charger with limited output current) at the other end of battery. When voltage over battery increases enough the charger will kick in and you can see red light on charger led.

The horizontal slot on charger seems to do discharge first. Weak battery will drop voltage too fast and charging will not initiate, but vertical slot should work as it only charges the battery. Yep, after charging a bit you can connect battery to phone and place it again to charger. Then you are able to try out how phone works.

- Rane