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Motorola DynaTAC Prototype

PostPosted: 2018 Dec 03, 14:26
by UAEvintageMOBILE
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Re: Motorola DynaTAC Prototype

PostPosted: 2018 Dec 03, 14:34
by retrocellphones
I added my short preview of all knowns prototypes 1973-1983. It is beta, not looks excellent but good basic info.

1. 1973 very first known DynaTAC

2. 1975 second version with replaceable battery, for small trial testing (?)

3. 1981 prototype

4. 1982 original commercial dummy, not a working phone, looks different than 1981 model but all collectors thinks is is the same, no it is not similar. Design is little bit different with not 100% black front panel. The 1982 dummy front panel goes with white edges! And of course it is smaller than 1981 model but bigger than regular 8000X model.

5. 1982 (?) prototype looks like regular 1984 8000X but is is BIGGER similar with 1982 dummy!

6. 1983 UK prototype with very small logo.

Re: Motorola DynaTAC Prototype

PostPosted: 2020 Aug 26, 07:10
by NokiaTAC
I’m doubting this phone ran on IMTS, because I was watching an interview with Martin Cooper and he said that phone ran at close to 1000MHz and had 666 channels, which doesn’t match up with IMTS specs. IMTS is also not “cellular.”