Introduction to my small "collection"

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Introduction to my small "collection"

Postby Bapke » 2014 Nov 17, 12:24

Hello this is "Bapke" im rookie cell phone collector,although my collection is counting 5 phones.....(for now)
Im only buying boxed working cell phones,thats why my collection is small (but growing,slowly) im proud of my phones,so ill name them (i cant upload pictures right now,because im not home but in a week ill upload it):

-Nokia 9300; Condition: 5/5,working and have box
-Motorola Micro Tac 7000 series; Condition: 5/5,working,have box (battery is weak but its working)
-Nokia 9000i; Condition: 5/5,working,have box
-Siemens P1; Condition: 5/5,working,have box (sadly its telecom version,battery is weak but working)
-Nokia 3250; Condition: 4.5/5,working,have box

So,this is it for now,soon i think ill get 2-3 more phones (Siemens A60,Nokia 6630... all boxed)
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Re: Introduction to my small "collection"

Postby oldmobil » 2014 Nov 20, 20:40

welcome on the board :-)
To collect only boxed, working phones is great challenge!
I never seen 9000i or Siemens Ă­P1 with tis box... It would be great if You could
upload some image (box shots)!
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Re: Introduction to my small "collection"

Postby retrocellphones » 2014 Dec 10, 15:39


i can offer few very rare and interested complete boxed and working phones : )
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