Motorola Transistorized Car Telephone

Re: Motorola Transistorized Car Telephone

Postby terryfeckett » 2017 Oct 28, 00:57

Dear Thomas,

I've been trying to contact you in reference to the IMTS mobile telephone unit. Would you please contact me and let me know on it's availability.

Thanks so much,

(760) 251-1408
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Re: Motorola Transistorized Car Telephone

Postby WB6NVH » 2020 Aug 15, 20:15

I just noticed the question about the PTT switch on the handset. The black bar on the handset is push-to-talk and only functions when the radio telephone is in the "M" or Manual mode, or on models which have the "P" or Party button. In Manual mode, the phone becomes MTS rather than IMTS, and you have to depress the bar to talk, although the phone is still full duplex. Party means "Revertive call, " or party line, and is used when another mobile on the same channel calls you (in one channel systems.) When you would answer, the land terminal would send a "beep beep beep" tone and you knew to depress the "P" button, because another mobile was calling you and you were sharing the same channel. The P button would drop your transmitter off the air. Then you would press to talk in conversation with the other mobile. In IMTS operation the phone is on the air continuously and the handset PTT bar does nothing.
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