Reset Samsung SPH-M300?

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Reset Samsung SPH-M300?

Postby TheMaritimeMan » 2018 Aug 05, 02:56

Hi - I have a Samsung SPH-M300 that has a lock code put on it by the previous owner. I've tried all the obvious codes, last four digits of the phone number, etc - no dice. There's also a security code, so I can't do a master reset.

Anyone know if there's a way to do a back door master reset? I read that apparently many Samsung phones do a reset when you punch in *2767*3855#, but that didn't work on this one.
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Re: Reset Samsung SPH-M300?

Postby Baltais Tehvs » 2018 Aug 07, 08:24


since this is North American model standart codes may not work.

Most likely only way to unlock it is with so called "boxes" ( z3x , UFSxHWK or others )
Phone most likely is also a simlocked to operator . and it may be "hard sim locked"
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