Unlock Old Motorola GSM Phones [Microtac, StarTac] *VIDEO*

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Unlock Old Motorola GSM Phones [Microtac, StarTac] *VIDEO*

Postby rightrozz » 2019 Jan 28, 03:57

After countless hours of research and tinkering I was finally able to unlock and change the wakeup graphics on my Microtac Select 6000e and 2000e, and I fully expect this unlock to work on similar models such as StarTac 7000g, 8000g, Microtac Select 3000e, mr501, mr601 etc.

I did this by making a designing and creating a custom circuit board. Unlocking the phones is simple, I just enter Clone mode and transfer over the Service Provider Unlock file to the phone. The wakeup graphics change is simply the image you see when you turn on your phone, so instead of seeing "Welcome to Pacific Bell", I can change it to any image you want. Note however that the bitmap resolution is 96x32 pixels, I'll attach an image below.

I can also enable Permanent Test Mode, which allows you to enable test mode without a Test sim card inserted. With Permanent Test Mode, you can view and change security code and unlock code. I can also enable Engineering Field Menu, in which you can view the current cell tower you are connected to and much more.

With this I can also Service Provider Unlock the phone, meaning I can remove "Enter Special Code Now". With this you can use the phone on any network you want, it isn't locked to any specific phone carrier.

PM me if you are interested in me unlocking any of your old phones and increasing the value of them...

Image Image

Edit: I've created a video of the whole unlocking process as described in my forum post. The video also includes the functions available when entering test mode, like displaying and changing lock and unlock codes.

Check it out below!
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