Why is mobilcollectors.net useful?

I am sure you have noticed how hard it can be sometimes to find any information on an old mobile phone. Mobilcollectors.net helps collectors share their old mobile phones with each other. Upload pieces of your collection with photos so that other collectors can check them and you will also have the chance to browse among thousands of old and contemporary mobile phones.

If you upload a new phone or photo or edit the ones that are already uploaded, the address of your webpage will appear next to your name in the list of contributors making possible for other visitors to find your collection as well. To use this option make sure you give your web address when registering.

How can I cooperate?

2. Upload pieces of your collection with photos. Use your own photos in the first place.
3. In case the phone is already in the database you can amend its details.
4. If you have thorough knowledge on the phones of a particular brand, amend the database with rarely used models and upload original photos.
5. Upload user and service manuals and brochures as well.
Please use your own photos in the first place. Do not upload photos from the homepage of other collectors as they may be subject to copyright.

How can I edit the database?

- Before uploading a new model make sure it has not been uploaded by another collector.
- Always give the name of the manufacturer and the type of the phone. Avoid typos.
- In the date field please write numbers only.
- If you are not sure about the registration date, always indicate this in the "Notes" field.
- Add a new network (standard) only if it is really not included in the list.
- Give TAC if possible and the manufacturer's code.
- Please write only brief remarks in the "Notes" field.
- Later you can upload original press announcements or longer descriptions.

About us...

Mobilecollector.net was founded by Oldmobil, a serious mobile phone collector with a collection of more than 300 pieces.

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